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A visual journalist who’s always on the lookout for my next subject.  It’s the energy radiating within a subject that brings clarity to my work, allowing me to produce art with exacting detail one moment and artistic whimsy the next.  I can be obsessed with detail, but this will always play second fiddle to my desire to capture light, motion, personality and atmosphere while creating artwork that outshines the original photo reference.


Unconstrained by style or subject matter, I have produced art for all sorts of clients, whether they’re looking to enhance their living spaces, pay tribute to a loved one, or simply capture a moment in time. An underlying theme in my work is that not only reflects a joy for living, but it also tugs at the heart.


Drawing since I could first hold a pencil I earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Louisiana State University.  I immersed myself in my career as an artist, with 19 years as a creative director at a large media company. That career path took me away from the hands-on creation of art, the experience left me an expert visual storyteller and is an integral part of my work.

2016 - Exhibit: The Vibrant One, ASI

2015 - Morean Arts Center Member's Show: People's Choice Award

2015 - Morean Center: Clay, Welding, Jewelry classes

2014 - New Studio Location: ArtLofts, St Petersburg,

          Cover Art: The New Barker Magazine


2011 - Art brings $3,500 for the benefit of The Children’s Home Inc.

2009 - Art brings $4,500 for the benefit of MLI

2007 - Owner / Artist - Art Headz, Inc.,  Malanda Art Of Life

Original fine art, commissioned paintings


1999 - Visual Design Director, News Graphics - Tampa Tribune

1988 - Illustrator/Asst. Graphics Editor - The Advocate

              Owner / Artist - Malanda Design Concepts

1988 - Bachelors Degree: Fine Art - Louisiana State University

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Why should you acquire original art?


We live in a time where

original art is reproduced

 in unbelievable proportions.

Once created, original art is

digitally shared, and printed

on paper, metal, glass, board,

clothing. An artist's admirers

can print low res images found in digital media for display.


If art is so readily available, why invest in purchasing an original, hand-crafted work of art?

When considering acquiring a piece of art, invest in something you truly love and can imagine yourself living with. Over time your view of the painting may change as you yourself grow and change, and a new reality is created for the art as it lives with you and is handed down for generations.

- Each painting is one-of-a-kind. Even if the same image is painted again with the same process, it will be painted in a different time, under different circumstances, and state of mind. No two paintings are exactly the same.

- The unreproducible quality of an original work of art lies in the details that are the entire piece: My color palette is vibrant and each piece has layers of paint which build volume, depth and complexity. The look and sheen of the paint and the values of color that change subtly as the light reflected upon it is altered; the texture, brush-strokes, fingertips, palette knives and sponges; the three-dimensional quality of the painting and vibration of opposing color combinations which evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

- A painting is so much more than an image that can be reproduced, the original art is a statement of authenticity and creative energy incorporating the thought processes that conceived the idea and how to bring it to life in art are a part of that artist and the moment in time that it was created.  When displayed, the original painting will transform a room, altering the space around it.